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11 January 19

Plastic surgery.

We’re fascinated by the art created by Vasco Mourão, a Barcelona-based sculptor and illustrator who is using his talents to help clean up the ocean around the Azores, an Atlantic archipelago. Mourão creates and sells “Face Plastic”—abstract sculptures that he makes from recovered plastic trash. Half of the proceeds are then donated to The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit founded by Dutch inventor Boyan Slat that uses a current-aided filter to extract plastic from some of the largest “garbage patches” in the world’s oceans. It’s an international effort—and a great example of design that's improving the planet.

9 January 2019

Using creativity for a bigger purpose.

What started out as a “crazy idea” in 2015 has become a recognized art empowerment movement in Chicago. Conceived by Rich Alapack, we all live here supports arts initiatives in schools and unites communities by spreading its mantra of inclusivity throughout the city. That’s what we call walking the walk.

3 January 19

Small projects. Big impact.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. We like it that Curbed Chicago took the time to celebrate 2018’s architectural and design impact in the form of co-located libraries, affordable housing, and improved public spaces. Chicago is famous for its tall buildings, but when design and development make improvements on a small—and important—scale, everyone wins.