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3 January 19

Small projects. Big impact.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. We like it that Curbed Chicago took the time to celebrate 2018’s architectural and design impact in the form of co-located libraries, affordable housing, and improved public spaces. Chicago is famous for its tall buildings, but when design and development make improvements on a small—and important—scale, everyone wins.

6 December 18

In Living Coral

Having recently watched the harrowing documentary A Plastic Ocean, I was happy to see Pantone’s choice for the 2019 color of the year. With reefs rapidly disappearing due to bad waste management and climate change, “Living Coral” is a color that we hope will serve as a gentle reminder that the oceans are quickly becoming a victim of our addiction to plastics and the terrible environmental decisions being made in Washington. Save a reef—and celebrate Pantone 16-1546.

28 November 18

Rethink the World

With the Bauhaus turning 100 in 2019, the spirit is still alive in our building. “Rethink the World” is more critical now than ever.